Magnets with Nickel coating

  The Nickel-Copper-Nickel(Ni-Cu-Ni) coating has excellent physical and chemical properties, like corrosion resistance, hardness, abrasive resistance. When it is exposed in atmospheric environment, it has long-term stability of the appearance, inherent pe
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1、The characteristics of nickel coating
 1.The crystal of nickel coating is very small which has excellent polishing performance.
 2.The hardness of nickel coating is higher, which can improve the surface wear resistance of the products.
 3.The Nickel can be used in a higher temperature because nickel layer has good temperature resistance.
2、Process of Nickel
 Degreasing, pickling, activating, cleaning, iner nickel layer plating, recovering, cleaning, activating, cleaning, copper plating, recovering, cleaning, activating, cleaning and bright nickel plating
3、Composition of plating solution and process parameters
 1、Iner nickel layer plating
Nickel sulfate 300-350g/L
Nickel chloride 50-60g/L
Boric acid 35-40g/L
Additives with suitable quantity
pH 4.O~4.5
Temperature 50~60℃
Time 60—120minutes
 2、Copper plating
Cupric pyrophosphate 50-70g/L
Potassium pyrophosphate 300-350g/L
Ammonium citrate 15-30g/L
Brightener with suitable quantity
pH 8~8.5
Temperature 40~50℃
Time 60-120minutes
 3、Bright nickel plating
Nickel sulfate 250-300g/L
Nickel chloride 35-40g/L
Boric acid 40g/L
pH 3.8~4.5
Temperature 45-50℃
Time 60-90minutes