Magnets for Servo Motors

  Since 1980s, the permanent magnet AC servo motors with development of integrated circuit, power electronic technology and AC variable speed drive technology, the permanent magnet AC servo drive technology has an prominent development, and the famous ele
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  Since 1990s, AC servo system has become the main direction of development of modern high-performance servo systems, the AC servo system which has been commercialized various countries in the world is adopted sine wave motor servo drive with the all-digital control. AC servo drive is developing rapidly in the field of transmission.
  The permanent magnet AC servo motor VS DC servo motor, the main advantages:
  1.Brush and commutator. Therefore, the work is reliable, and low requirement for maintenance.
  2.It is more convenient for dissipate heat of Stator windings.
  3.Small inertia, it is easy to improve the rapidity of the system.
  4.Adapt to the high speed working condition for large torque.
  5.There is a small volume and weight under the same power.