SmCo Magnet


Product description

  Samarium cobalt magnets are composed of samarium, cobalt and other rare earth materials by proportioning, and made by smelting, pressing and sintering, and which have high BH, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance and extremely low reversible temperature coefficients Compared with NdFeB magnet, samarium cobalt magnet have stronger corrosion resistance, higher temperature stability and suitable for high temperature environments. Therefore, Samarium cobalt magnet are applied in Aerospace, National defense and Military industry, Microwave Devices, Communication Equipment, Medical Device, Instrument, Sensor, Motor, Magnetic cranes,etc.


The characteristics

1. Good coercivity
2. Good temperature stability
3. Corrosion protection, rust prevention and high temperature resistance are better than NdFeB

Production process

Charge Mixture, Smelting, Casting, Jet Milling, Moulding, Sintering, Magnetic Inspection, Grinding Cutting and Finished Product.


Performance Table



  As the second strongest magnetism magnet, samarium cobalt was developed and put into operation in 1970. In 2012, the high iron concentration SmCo for generators was developed. The magnet adopted the thermal technology, so that the SmCo whose magnetic force was weaker than NdFeB became better than the heat resistant NdFeB in the environment above 100℃.

   In order to increase the magnetic force, the research and & development staff increased the proportion of iron from 15% to 20% even 25%, and the temperature, time and pressure were adjusted in sintering to reduce the effect of oxides and other factors which block the increase of magnetism. The newly developed SmCo will completely make a great difference after alloying modification.


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