AlNiCo Magnet


Product description

  AlNiCo, one of the earliest developed permanent magnetic materials, is an alloy consists of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iron and other trace metal elements. It is called natural magnet. According to the production process, alnico can be divided into cast AlNiCo and sintered AlNiCo. Cast AlNiCo can be processed into different sizes and shapes. intered AlNiCo is limited to small sizes But it has better processability and the dimension tolerance of blank is better than that of cast AlNiCo. In the permanent magnetic materials, the AlNiCo has the lowest reversible temperature coefficient, and its working temperature can be higher than 600℃, and the corrosion resistance is stronger than other magnets. It is mainly used in various sensors, instruments, electronics, machine electricity, medical treatment, teaching, automobile, aviation, military technology and other fields.




1. High remanence and it is up to
2. Low temperature coefficient, which can reach, so there is a small change in magnetic properties with the change of temperature.  
3. The maximum working temperature is will be up to. It is suitable for instruments and apparatuses with high requirements of temperature stability.
4. Strong corrosion resistance, it doesn’t need plating 

Production Process

Charge Mixture, Jet Milling, Suppressing, Sintering, Thermal Treatment, Performance Detection, Machining, Inspection and Packaging


Performance Table

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