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Choose the Suitable Magnet for the Motor


Types of Magnets for Motors and Their Characteristics

In the industrial field, the motor is a particularly common equipment, and the magnet is one of the most important core components of the motor. When the conductive coil moves to the magnetic field rotation circle generated by the magnet, the electrons in the wire move to generate a current, so that the motor can work properly. So what kinds of magnets are suitable for motor use? What are their characteristics?

At present, the types of magnets suitable for motors are mainly NdFeb motor magnet, ferrite motor magnet, and SmCo motor magnet, etc., the specific characteristics are as follows:

1.Ndfeb motor magnet

It is mainly used in the motor of hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, and high torque inertia ratio, which can effectively save electricity. But Ndfeb motor magnets and other magnets compared, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance are relatively poor.


2.SmCo motor magnet

SmCo motor magnet is a permanent magnet material that arose in the mid-1960s. This is a kind of rare earth permanent magnet. It is fragile and easy to be broken and cracked, but its performance is very excellent, and its stability is relatively strong, with excellent corrosion resistance. SmCo motor magnets are more suitable for making motors than other materials, but because they are expensive, they are mainly used in the development of high-tech fields such as aerospace and weapons, which focus on high performance regardless of price.


3.Ferrite motor magnet

Since entering the 50s, the development of ferrite is very good, especially after the 70s, ferrite was put into use, which rapidly expanded the scope of use of ferrite, and has become a relatively cheap magnet material. Because it is a non-metallic magnetic material, the performance will be worse than the metal permanent magnet, but it has a strong demagnetization ability, corrosion resistance is also very good, often used in DC motors.


What Are the Benefits of Permanent Magnets?

After understanding the magnets suitable for motor use, let us know what are the benefits of permanent magnets!

In the face of many magnet materials used in the motor, you may be more curious, as to why the motor often uses permanent magnet materials. Here are some advantages of permanent magnet materials:

1. High magnetism

The magnetic properties of permanent magnet materials are relatively good. As a magnet with very high practicability, it can give play to its maximum magnetic properties. Used in the motor, the magnetic induction of the rotor surface can be enhanced to improve the overall fastness.


2. Strong mechanical processing

Changing the shape of the permanent magnet material mechanically, so that it is more in line with the needs of users, and even if the permanent magnet rub material processing into a small size, can also become a high magnetic magnet, and will not affect its original magnetic.


3. Widely used

A permanent magnet can permanently maintain the magnetism in the magnet, so it is often processed by people to make different types of shapes to meet the needs of different fields in the market. It is not only used in motors but also has a wide range of applications in television, radio and loudspeakers.


What Are the Properties of the Motor Affected by Magnets of Different Materials?

Above, we have learned about the types of magnets suitable for the motor. There may be some friends who will question: What performance will the magnets of different materials affect the motor?

Through the above introduction, we can know that the characteristics of different magnet materials are not the same, and the magnetic field will be different. When the magnets in the motor are different, the alternating magnetic field of the stator coil will be changed, thus changing the motor revolution. So it can be said that different magnet materials will directly affect the speed of the motor.

In order to ensure the stable operation of the motor in use, magnets of different materials will be selected to match according to the different application scenarios of the motor, so as to meet the needs of the motor, so that the motor can run for a long time and stably in the scene, without affecting the normal use of the equipment.

Therefore in the use of the motor, the choice of the magnet is very important

In theory, the motor as a piece of equipment, the magnet is the heart of the motor, so when choosing the motor, the magnet is also very important, once the magnet performance is not good enough, it will lead to the motor in the process of operation is not safe enough, thus affecting the normal work of some equipment.



When choosing the motor, we must consult the magnet carried in detail to ensure that the application scenario of the magnet meets the needs of the equipment, and the equipment can be more stable. In addition, we should also pay attention to the choice of manufacturers.

The manufacturers with high visibility and high reputation can ensure the reliability of magnet materials, and can also provide magnet materials and shapes according to customer needs.

The magnet carried by the motor is very important, which directly affects the overall performance of the motor, so when choosing the motor magnet, it must be selected according to the actual situation.

The magnet suitable for the motor can increase the life of the motor. In the process of the motor operation, it can also effectively ensure its stability and safety, so that the project can run normally and stably to increase the work efficiency.

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