Magnets For Automotive Industry (Buying Guide 2024)


Today's automotive industry is in a critical period of rapid development, and electrification and intelligence have become the main trends of the industry. In this context, NdFeB magnets, as key components, play a vital role in enhancing the performance and efficiency of automobiles. Whether in the drive system of electric vehicles or in intelligent assistance systems, NdFeB magnets play an indispensable role. This article will bring you a 2023 magnet buying guide for the automotive industry, explore the application of NdFeB magnets in automotive technology, and provide you with key points when purchasing to help you make informed decisions in this evolving field. Whether you are an automaker, engineer, or a reader interested in automotive technology, you will gain valuable insights from this guide and prepare yourself for a better understanding of the critical role of NdFeB magnets in the automotive industry. Read on to discover how NdFeB magnets can contribute to the development of electrified and smart cars.


What is the NdFeB magnet?

As one of the most widely-used and well-developed magnetic materials, the rare earth permanent magnet, NdFeB has high Magnetic Energy Product (BHmax), high coercive force (Hcj) and good temperature stability, with the perfect comprehensive performance and the best cost-effectiveness.


What are the advantages of the NdFeB magnet?

Ⅰ) Strong Magnetic force. The NdFeB permanent magnet possesses magnetic properties second only to the Holmium magnet at absolute zero degree centigrade, but stronger than Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnet.

Ⅱ) Small size and light weight. Due to its high Magnetic Energy Product (BHmax), fewer NdFeB magnet material is needed to generate the same magnetic field. Thus significantly reducing the size and the weight of the magnet parts.

Ⅲ) High stability and high efficiency. The NdFeB magnet has good anti-magnetic loss properties and can work stably at relatively high temperature. The upper limit of the working temperature of the ordinary magnets is about 80℃, beyond which serious demagnetization will occur, affecting the performance of the products. The maximum working temperature of the NdFeB magnet, however, can reach 220℃. The NdFeB magnet, though is not as good as the SmCo magnet in terms of high temperature resistance, but considering the production capacity and cost, NdFeB magnetic material is the best choice.


NdFeB magnets in automotive applications

The superior performance of the NdFeB magnets has been recognized worldwide. Therefore, they are widely used and play an important role in the fields of electrical and electronic industry, machinery manufacturing and instrumentation industry, especially in the automotive field.

Ⅰ) Electric Motors. The NdFeB magnets have high Magnetic Energy Product (BHmax) and high coercive force (Hcj), making them ideal for use in electric and hybrid vehicles. They are used in the motor drive systems for electric vehicles and in the engines and generators for hybrid vehicles.

Ⅱ) Braking system. The NdFeB magnets are used in electromagnetic brakes and brake actuators in braking systems to help achieve efficient brake control and energy recycle.

Ⅲ) Auxiliary power system. The NdFeB magnets can be used in auxiliary power systems, such as Electric Power Steering (EPS) system and electric power assisted braking system. These systems provide additional power and increase fuel efficiency.

Ⅳ)Car charger. Electric and hybrid vehicles usually require on-board chargers to charge the batteries. The NdFeB magnets are applied in electromagnetic coils in on-board chargers for efficient power conversion and transmission.

Ⅴ)Sensor. NdFeB magnets are also used in automotive sensors. They can be used to measure information such as speed, steering angle, and position to help the intelligent driving and vehicle control systems.


Why choose NdFeB magnets?

In the automotive industry, high-performance NdFeB permanent magnet materials are mainly used in new energy vehicle drive motors, which are one of the three core components of new energy vehicles, and the permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) have the advantages of high efficiency, high torque density, small size and light weight.

The weight of the motor made with NdFeB permanent magnet materials is 30%~50% lighter than that of the ferrite or AlNiCo motor of the same specification, which greatly reduces the weight of the vehicles. In this way, the drive motor made with NdFeB magnets has gradually become the mainstream for the new energy vehicles.

Ⅰ) Due to NdFeB magnet itself has the characteristics of small size and light weight, the motor made of it is light and flexible, easy to transport and easy to be carried, bringing great convenience to be shipped. Statistics shows that the rare earth permanent magnet motor/generator is about half the weight of the other motor/generator, which decreases its volume, thus improves user’s experience.

Ⅱ) Rare earth permanent magnet material can maintain magnetism for a long time after magnetization, which also means that the performance of rare earth permanent magnet motor/generators is more stable compared with ordinary motor /generators, which is also its core advantage.

Ⅲ) The tolerance of rare earth permanent magnet motor can be restricted within 0.1%, which greatly improves the product quality. Low speed and high torque operation mode makes the operation precision of rare earth permanent magnet motor more controllable, with lower noise and stronger load capacity, which is a powerful guarantee for the safe and efficient operation of the equipment.

Ⅳ)The high power-to-mass ratio of rare earth permanent magnet motor increases its operation efficiency greatly. Meanwhile, the energy consumption is relatively low and it can save 10%-20% more power than that of ordinary motors. In addition, rare-earth permanent magnet motors can be adjusted in variable speed to maximize the operating efficiency and reduce energy consumption to save the cost of use.

Moreover, high-performance NdFeB permanent magnet materials are widely applied in the micro motor as an auto part. The application of NdFeB magnets in new energy vehicles includes Electric Power Steering (EPS) system, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), automobile fuel pumps, ignition coils, etc. While in the fuel automobiles, the application is mainly for Electric Power Steering (EPS) system, playing a key role in the vehicle's stability, comfort and safety.


Tips for choosing NdFeB magnets

Ⅰ) Magnetic force: The NdFeB magnet has extremely high magnetic force and is currently one of the strongest permanent magnet materials. So it can be used in electric motors, generators, Electric Power Steering (EPS) system and other auto components to provide power by its magnetic force. Values of (BHmax) are normally in range of 40~52 MGOe.

Ⅱ) Temperature stability: NdFeB magnets have high short-term and long-term temperature stability, which is suitable for the thermal environment in automotive applications. It is essential to choose the appropriate magnet grade according to the specific application conditions to ensure that the magnetic properties can be retained under high temperature. So, UH, EH grade of magnets are widely used.

Ⅲ) Corrosion resistance: Magnets are usually exposed to a variety of harsh environmental conditions such as wetness and salt spray. Therefore, it is necessary to choose NdFeB magnets with good corrosion resistance with low weight loss.

Ⅳ)Cost: The NdFeB magnet is relatively high in price, so the specific requirements of the application and the budget need to be taken into account. New technology should be used to reduce the percentage of heavy rare earth element.



The application of neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) magnets in the automotive field has made an important contribution to the development of vehicle electrification and intelligence, improving the performance and efficiency of vehicles.

As a leading magnet manufacturer in the automotive industry, ZHAOBAO Magnets is well aware of the key role of NdFeB magnets in automotive technology. Such high-performance magnets are widely used in electric motor and generator systems in electric vehicles. Due to the excellent magnetic force and stability of NdFeB magnets, they can provide powerful driving force in a compact space, which helps to increase the power output of electric vehicles. This high-efficiency magnetic material can also reduce the energy consumption of electric vehicles and extend the battery life, thereby promoting the electrification of vehicles.

In addition, NdFeB magnets also play an important role in smart car technology. In automobiles, many smart sensors, actuators, and control systems require high-performance magnets for precise motion and feedback. ZHAOBAO magnets provide customized magnetic solutions for intelligent driving, automatic parking and safety assistance systems, etc., thus improving the intelligence level of cars.

If you want to know more about NdFeB magnets and our ZHAOBAO magnets, please visit our official website: You can also contact us by email: We look forward to providing you with more professional knowledge and cooperation opportunities on the application of magnetic materials in the automotive industry.

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