Magnets with color zinc coating

  Epoxy resin has good physical and chemical properties, and has excellent adhesion strength on the surface of the metal and nonmetal materials, good dielectric properties, small shrinkage, good dimensional stability, high hardness, good flexibility, alka
Product Company Profile
1、The characteristics of color zinc coating
 1、Lower cost
 2、Zinc coating have good protection after Chromate passivated.
 3、It is an anodic coating for NdFeB magnets, which can provide good electrochemical protection.
 4、Max. working temperature for zinc coating: 250℃
2、Process of color Zinc
 Degreasing, pickling, activating, cleaning, zinc plating, brightness, cleaning, color zinc passivation, cleaning and drying

3、Composition of plating solution and process parameters
Potassium chloride 180---220g/L
Zinc chloride 60~80g/L
Boric acid 35~45g/L
pH 5.0~5.8
Temperature Room temperature
Time 60-120minutes