Magnets with Epoxy coating

  Epoxy resin has good physical and chemical properties, and has excellent adhesion strength on the surface of the metal and nonmetal materials, good dielectric properties, small shrinkage, good dimensional stability, high hardness, good flexibility, and
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1、The characteristics of epoxy coating
 1.Good properties in dielectrical properties, insulation, resistance to the alkali, acid, solvent and mildew. They can work in strict electrothermal condition
 2.Strong combined force between products and coating.
 3.Electrophoretic epoxy has good surface with fullness, uniformity, flatness and smoothness
 4.Good corrosion resistance with SST 72hours.  The SST for Epoxy combined with other coating can be over 120hours.
 5.At present, the epoxy coating doesn’t have any lead and stannum which meet RoHs and Panasonic standard.
2、Process of color epoxy
Resin 40-50%(mass%)
Color paste 9-11%
Concentrated liquid 35-37%
PH 5.8-6.3
Temperature 26-32℃
Time 60-120seconds