Phosphated Magnet

  Phosphate coating provide protection to the base metal and prevent the base metal from corroding to some extent and has the characteristics of no coating thickness. Phosphate treatment before painting can improve adhesion strength and corrosion resistan
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1、The characteristics
 1.It provides protection for metals and prevents corrosion of metals to some extent.
 2.It is used for coating before, to improve the adhesion and anti-corrosion of the coating layer and with good bonding force.
 3.Improve the wear resistance of workpiece, antifriction and lubrication application
 4.Phosphating layer is very thin, so it doesn’t change the product size, and the consistency is good.
2、The process of  Phosphating
Phosphating Liquid 170-210ml/L
Temperature 40-60℃
Time 5-10minutes