CWIEME BERLIN 2023: Zhaobao Magnetic Industry Brings Industrial Innovation

Zhaobao Magnet

CWIEME BERLIN 2023:使用兆宝的高性能磁铁彻底改变您的行业。

您见过或听说过我们用于汽车工业 (EV)、工业自动化、电梯电机和各种 PM 发电机的可靠高性能永磁体吗?5 月 23 日至 25 日期间,请访问@CWIEME Berlin 12A24 号展位的兆宝磁铁团队。电机和发电机用磁铁!

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For 20+ years, ZHAOBAO MAGNET team takes "Long-Term & Win-Win" as the cooperation principle; Relying on powerful R&D and production technology, to provide our partners with the best cost-effective permanent magnet solutions; Grasp the market, easily face to prices flutation of raw materials, to provide you with more added-value on our magnets and services...
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