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What Are the Common Applications of Samarium Cobalt Magnets

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Samarium cobalt magnets, also called samarium cobalt permanent magnets, are powerful permanent magnets made from two basic elements, samarium, and cobalt. Like NdFeB, it also belongs to rare earth magnets. At present, there are mainly two components: SmCo5 and Sm2Co17.


What Are the Main Application Industries of Samarium Cobalt Magnets?

Samarium cobalt magnets are not as powerful as super-strong neodymium magnets, but they do have some significant advantages. Samarium cobalt magnets have a wider operating temperature range, superior temperature coefficient, and stronger corrosion resistance. Samarium cobalt magnets will definitely work at high operating temperatures and will start to outperform special high temperature neodymium magnets from 150oC onwards.

Samarium cobalt magnets are widely used in the automotive, aerospace, medical, military, industrial manufacturing, semiconductor, wind, power, oil, and energy industries.


What Are the Common Applications of Samarium Cobalt Magnets?

Samarium cobalt magnets are most commonly used in higher temperature product applications due to their properties.

High Performance Motors Magnetic Bearings Pipeline Inspection
Actuators Sensor Systems Robotic Arms
Generators Drilling Equipment Gyroscopes
Turbo Machinery Wind Turbine Equipment Accelerometers
Electric Motors Energy Recovery Systems Particle Accelerators
Magnetic Separation Devices Medical Devices Sputtering Deposition
Traveling Wave Tubes Missile Components Magnetic Drive Components
Magnetic Couplings Industrial Automation Equipment Halbach Arrays & more


Custom Samarium Cobalt Magnets for Your Project

If you need custom samarium cobalt magnets, it is especially important that you find an experienced professional custom samarium cobalt magnet company. ZHAOBAO MAGNET is one of the top permanent magnet manufacturers in China, capable of designing, manufacturing, and testing permanent magnets, and can provide you with one-stop customer service.

All our samarium cobalt magnets are made of high quality raw materials. From quote inquiries and expedited requests to technical support and final delivery, the responsiveness of our team will exceed your expectations.

Our high quality samarium cobalt magnets will meet or exceed the exacting requirements of our customers.

Our testing capabilities will ensure qualified products before delivery. Even if there is any quality problem after shipment, we will bear all the loss and send the replacement in the shortest time.

If you need to buy samarium cobalt magnets now, then please visit the samarium cobalt magnet catalog or contact us. We will provide solutions for your project in a cost- and time-saving manner.

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