ZHAOBAO was awarded as Manufacturing Individual Champion by MIIT

ZHAOBAO awarded as Manufacturing Individual Champion by MIIT

lt's our honor to share good news that we are awarded as Manufacturing Individual Champion by MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology). We appreciate the recognition, and will continue to supply reliable magnets to partners worldwide.


This award refers to a manufacturer who has been focusing on specific market, market share and production technology ranks at the forefront of the world or domestic.


The single champion of manufacturing represents the highest level of development and the strongest market strength in the global manufacturing.

On the one hand, individual champions are industry leaders. It has the world's top three market positions in related segments, and controls the advanced technology, technology and discourse power in the global industrial segments.

On the other hand, the individual champion indicates industrial upgrading. According to the research of China Machinery Industry Information Research Institute, a single champion enterprise accounts for 0.03% of the number of enterprises, creating 0.51% of the main business income and 0.98% of the corporate profit of the national industrial enterprises, and the average profit rate of the enterprise is more than 10%, which is more than twice that of ordinary industrial enterprises.

For the identification of individual champions, there are strict standards:

1.     Long-term focus on targeting one or two specific product segments, the sales revenue of specific segments accounts for more than 70% of the company's total business revenue, and the time spent in related business fields is 10 years or more (or the time of new product production and operation reaches 3 years or more);

2.     The production technology and technology should be internationally leading, the product quality is excellent, has a strong market position and a high market share, the market share of a single product ranks among the top 3 in the world.

3.     Excellent business performance, the profit margin exceeds the overall level of the same industry enterprises in the same period, and the annual sales revenue is more than 400 million CNY.


It shows ZHAOBAO is not only the leader in the market, but also the spokesman of industry upgrading. Zhaobao has passed the recognition of three strict standards, won the honor of the single champion of the manufacturing industry, and become an industry model.

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